About Us


Whether you’re looking to coat stone, glass, wood or another substrate, our range of coatings can be applied virtually anywhere, whether internally or externally. Protect your assets from the elements, keeping them cleaner for longer and reducing costs in the long run.

Nano Technology isn’t new to the paints & coatings industry, though recent advances in technology has meant that the products can be used for access into a wider range of markets and industries.

There are numerous forms of Nano Technology ‘type’ products on the market, but only our Guard Nano Technology paints & coatings provide the cutting edge in technology, most of which is sourced¬†from a sole specialist organisation.

With the support of our manufacturing partners, we are able to take this revolutionary range of products to market with our exceptional levels of service and comprehensive support, whilst also having the technical back-up of specialists in this field.

Why Choose Us

Easier to Clean

Protect your substrates from water, dirt, oils and other contaminants making them up to 70% easier clean.

Reduce Costs

Save time and money by reducing cleaning costs.

Protect Your Assets

Keep your assets cleaner and in top condition for longer.