Guard NanoTech Solar


Guard NanoTech Solar

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Solar panels are one of the many initiatives that we have put in place in the fight against global warming –Guard NanoTech Solar can drastically enhance their performance and ensure that your panels are highly efficient for longer. If you would like to know more about this state of the art coating – do not hesitate to contact us on ​01937 586311.

  • Stops rainwater sheeting on the surface
  • Increases efficiency during bad weather
  • Reduces hot spots from any debris such as leaves, mud, etc.
  • Enables rain to ‘bead’ off the surface
  • Self-cleaning hydrophobic Nano coating
  • Theoretical spreading rate of 120m² per litre.

Our revolutionary Nano technology coating for solar panels will boost the efficiency of any installed panels. This is a solution that can be utilised on panels installed at residential properties, or on large solar farms. Application of our Guard NanoTech Coatings will ensure your solar panels gain self-cleaning properties, saving you time and money.


Due to our Guard NanoTech Solar ​coating not containing any solvents. is environmentally friendly like many of the other coatings available on the market. It will react with the sunlight as well as repelling water meaning that you will see a significant reduction in the build up of dirt and water marks on the panels.

For more information on this coating, or for a product data sheet – please either request a call-back, or contact us on 01937 586311.



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